Birkdale Neighborhood In Huntersville Sold Homes (Market Update July 2020)

Dated: August 16 2020

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Birkdale Neighborhood In Huntersville Sold Homes (Market Update July 2020)

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Do you want to know Birkdale neighborhood in Huntersville sold homes and market update for the month of July 2020? I’m Lynn Alvarez, a Huntersville Realtor with The Ally Group of eXp Realty. If you want to stay-up-todate on all things Huntersville, you need to hit that “Subscribe” button. And also if you want to be the first one to see our new video posted every Friday, hit the bell button below. Do you want to know the real estate market in this beautiful golf community in Huntersville NC? Stick around as I will be talking about Birkdale sold homes in the month of July, 2020. So, here’s the recap for Birkdale neighborhood in Huntersville sold homes, market update July 2020. There are 9 homes that sold in Birkdale in July 2020 compared to July 2019 with 6 homes, a 50% increase. The average selling price has increased by 16.19% from $401,583 to $466,611. The maximum selling price went up by 53.04% while the minimum selling price went up by only .75%. The median price went down from $402,000 to $389,000, a 3.23% drop. Median price is the midway point of all the houses sold at market price during a certain period. The days on market went down from 118 days to 55 days and the percentage of selling price over list price increased by only .36%. So, what’s going on in Birkdale real estate market? The country and the whole world are currently experiencing the coronavirus pandemic and despite of it all, homes are selling fast, for top dollar and with multiple offers. So, how did it happen? Well, some sellers are wary of putting their house on the market, creating a shortage in supply. With interest rates so incredibly low, buyers are taking advantage of the situation. As in the law of supply and demand, prices tend to go up and buyers are triggering bidding wars, thus, making Birkdale a seller’s market. Did you know that home sales over the last 6 months within 2 miles of your home affect your home's value? If you want to know your Birkdale home’s value, you need to compare your home with similar homes sold in Huntersville in the last 6 months. And here’s where you will get the information of all homes that sold in Birkdale in the last 6 months. Go to and you will see all the Just Sold homes in Birkdale and also homes for sale in Birkdale community on this website. If you are wondering, “What’s my home worth in Birkdale?”, check out this website, “” You can save yourself the trouble of preparing your own Comparative Market Analysis by calling a Realtor to do it for you for free and with no obligation on your part.

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